But If AIs Do Feel Emotions Someday, Will These ‘Car-Bots’ Suffer From Road Rage?

24 02 2007


Under no circumstances should this vehicle be equipped with weaponry when used in Los Angeles

More news on the practical use of AI applications. From CNN:

In what sounds like a science fair project on steroids, engineers at Stanford University plan to have an unmanned robot car ready to navigate urban traffic in less than a year.

Engineer Sebastian Thrun remarks: “This new generation of robots is making the case that they can safely navigate without any human assistance.” He suggests the technology will be highway-ready by 2030.

2030? I hate driving in traffic now!

Thrun also said that “… he expected a battlefield version of the car to be available as early as 2015.”

That’s better. By 2015, battlefield conditions and highway conditions will be indistinguishable here in Los Angeles. Maybe I can get this technology sooner than expected.




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18 06 2007
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[…] the games ‘learn’ as they go along.  It has found potential application in areas like city driving and ‘smart bathrooms.’ Nice, but hardly something to shatter the human […]

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