Snake Eyes: Viper Vision For the Blind

27 02 2007


Will visually impaired people one day be able to “see” the way that vipers do – with heat? Inventor John Stapleton thinks so. He’s invented a process for translating a visual image of the immediate environment into a heat pattern that is then projected on a person’s forehead. He believes we have the ability to translate these heat patterns into a black and white ‘image.’

Why stop there? If it works (which isn’t proven yet), why not use it for the un-impaired – soldiers, for example – to see in the dark? And why not go on from there and use it

  • for entertainment: gaming, etc.
  • for viewing one image while looking at another
  • as an artform: heat sculpture, heat calligraphy, heat drawing
  • to cheat at cards

Transferring one form of sensory input onto another sense organ is a radical concept – one with significance in the arts, medicine, and the general field of transhumanism.  The question of practicality hasn’t been addressed yet, however, at least in this case.




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